Container transport
Tam Cang is shareholder of Newport Overland Transportation Joint Stock Company (Tan Cang Overland Transport) as such in close coordination with Tan Cang Overland Transport that is owning and operating a massive vehicle fleet (185 truckers and 350 chassis), Tam Cang is always capable to give you a room for moving and transferring your empty containers within major container terminal and depots, ICD and customers’ workshop. As a result, our customers can make use of our transport capability for moving and transferring inbound and outbound containers to and from terminal at flexible and cost-efficient manner.
Container depot
Tam Cang performs all common empty depot activities at its depot system at two major ports of Vietnam i.e. Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh such as:
Sales and Rental
Tam Cang JSC offers you a great choice in new one trip containers, used and specialized containers. The containers are at onsite at our Depot systems located in Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh city. If required, we can arrange for delivery to any location you need us to go across Vietnam and Cambodia.  We would be happy to discuss your requirements by phone or provide you with a cost-free proposal. Simply tell us your exact requirements and we will ensure the 100% fulfillment of all the logistical facets and technical requirements associated with each and every sale.

Tam Cang JSC- Container Specialist

Through the years of development, Tam Cang has specialized in the logistics of the cargo units.
This is reflected in our services:  
- Container Transport including reefer containers;
- Empty container Depot Services with storage and handling, repairs, cleaning, PTI and GOH;
- Container Sales and Rental, with purchase, sales and rental of new and used containers incl. modifications.  
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